Hey! I'm Dev.

So, you are looking for the BEST platform for Indian Ecommerce/Dropshipping.

Well! I don't care on which platform you are working. Atleast you are doing something and I will guide you.

Note: I am just sharing my experience. I will not be responsible for any kind of loss you face.

Without wasting your precious time!

Here are the platforms on which you can sell your products and promote them.

#1 Shopify

I think you know about this platform but still for those who don't know I can sum up this in few lines.

-> This is an platform which is specially designed for Ecommerce Websites.

-> Fast loading speed and also provide free professional look theme.

-> Easy to setup payment gateways

-> Provide free sub-domain

-> Add product within few clicks

-> Gives 14 Day Trial and then charges 29$/Month (approx Rs2100)

My Advice: Use this platform and setup your store within 2-3 days and start promoting your product for 7 days, so that you can get experience.

#2 Wordpress

This is an platform on which you can design your own website with your own creativity.

To use this platform you have to purchase hosting which will cost you around 3000rs/year.

-> You can install plugins and themes to give your website professional look!

-> You have to spend atleast 1-2 hour to add any product.

-> You have to add payment gateway manually

-> You will get Free Domain Name with Hosting

My Advice: This can be difficult but you have to do this for your better future. Otherwise you can save your time by choosing Shopify.

#3 Blogger

This platform is Google hosted that means it can easily handle tons of handle and it will not charge you anything.

-> Free Sub-Domain of Blogspot

-> You have to design this website also with your creativity as you want it to be.

-> You have to add payment gateway manully (For eg. Instamojo you can add for free)

-> You have to add products in your website manually.

Well! I think this article is getting too much long.

Let's finish this.

Conclusion: It does not matter on what platform you are working if you are ready to give your 100%.

But Play Smart!👍