Hey! I'm Dev.

Note: I'm just sharing information on the basis of my experience. So, any kind of loss you face in future; I'll not be responsible.

So, the things you should keep in mind before starting indian ecommerce/dropshipping are:

• You may get sales easily but never underestimate RTO. If your RTO goes 50% or more then you are in loss buddy!😢
Read my short tips to reduce it from here and Implement them.👍
• Never scale in the beginning. Keep patience for the products to be delivered!
Because for example, you run an ad of a product and its response is good that means its ROAS is above 10. (Note: If it goes above 20 then you finally have your winning product👏👏)

Then what next ? Of course you start spending your budget on its promotion to get more & more sales.

But according to me stop promoting once you got your first 100-150 orders.

Now! Collect money once your products got delivered. That may around 70-80% if you follow my strategies.

That usually takes a week... And a trend did not go anywhere in a week except if we are talking about any festival.

Then, don't stop just keep going...👍

• Don't get depressed if your Facebook ad account got disabled because in my previous article I already told you what you need to start this business.
(By the way you can recover your account through facebook chat support👍)

• Don't shut this business if you are going through losses. Just learn from your mistakes. It's just like a maths problem. Hope! You can related...

• Don't depend on a general store. Well! It's good to collect good amount of money but it's not so good for long term. You have to keep finding that niche on which you believe that it'll work.
• Your product price must be customer friendly!!!!👍👍

Hope! You learn something new today.. If not then it's okay I'll try my best.