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What is RTO in Indian Dropshipping/Ecommerce ?

RTO means Return-To-Origin. In which customer refuses to accept the order or due to delivery issue, it can be the fault of delivery person or service.

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How much RTO you can reduce ?

Well! Due to cash on delivery (COD) service in India. You can not fix this problem 100% but you can fix this upto 70-80% which is a pretty good thing.

Here are my strategy!

#1. NDR Calls:

NDR means Non Delivert Report in Indian Dropshipping/Ecommerce. In which you call the customers to confirm their orders.

So, that you can cancel the fake orders in the beginning to avoid delivery charge or RTO.

#2 Blacklisting few states

Well! I'm not against with any state but there are some states from where you receive massive amount of orders but your delivery service can not deliver the product which result in increase in RTO.

So, it's good to blacklist them in your Facebook Ads audience.

#3 Your Product

Yes! Even your product can reduce the RTO percent that much which you can not even imagine.

Because even your product is reaching after a month, the customer will still accept that product because he need that desperately.

I've tested a product which is completely unique for the customers and solve a common problem.

And I'm selling that product for last 2 months and still it's giving me the best result.


From where you can get unique and problem solving profitable product ?

Well! I use to find such products from Youtube and Chorbazaar and buy them in bulk quantity in cheap and sell them at my own risk.

And these method reduced my RTO to 87%😊

You should give this a try!❤

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Conclusion: You should focus on your RTO percent and your product and it's targeting.

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