Hey! I'm Dev.

Note: I'm just sharing my experience here. So, don't follow this blindly!

Today, I'll tell you how I find my suppliers for Indian Dropshipping and eCommerce.

Yes! Both of them have their own suppliers😯

So, let's talk about Indian Dropshipping:

• Meesho, Glowroad and Shop101: Yes they are the suppliers for Indian Dropshipping.
But they have there own drawbacks which you have to tackle if you are trying this business model...

You can read them here: Challenges in Indian Dropshipping

• IndiaMart: Here you can compare the pricing of product and location of the supplier. And directly contact them!
• Youtube: Just search for your product by just typing the keywords and then check the description. There you'll see their warehouse address, email address and mobile number.
The best thing about Youtube is you are seeing the product that how it actually looks! And face of owner that builds trust.

Now! You got your suppliers..

For Indian Dropshippers meesho,shop101 and glowroad provide white labelling with no invoice or invoice with mentioned price.

In Indian Ecommerce, you can provide your brand labelling or white labelling and the shipping can be done by yourself or by your supplier. (I suggest you to do it yourself)

Well! I think that's it...