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In short, you should go with Facebook Ads For Indian Ecommerce/Dropshipping.

Okay! But Why?


-> In Google Ads, customer can easily compare the prices. So, your price must be competitve which can lower your margin.

-> In Google Ads, a perfect keyword research is must!

Now! What's that?

• A perfect keyword must not have much paid difficulty
• In Google results, Amazon & Big Brands must not be there otherwise forgot your margin...
But why we should go with Facebook Ads for Indian Ecommerce/Dropshipping?


• Facebook ads are cheaper 10x than US one. That means you can get a sale with low cpc which result in more profit.
• Indian Dropshipping/Ecommerce is all about impulse buying that means only your ad will be shown to a person.
• In Facebook Ads, you can also target specific audience.
• Last but not least... There is no competition in Facebook Ads in India
It's totally upto you what ad platform you choose.

Now! Let's talk about the strategy of both the platforms.

Google Ads Strategy:

1. Do Keyword Research with Google Keyword Planner because it is specially designed for Marketers.

2. Choose any long tail keyword with low competiton.

3. Search that keyword by Yourself.

4. Make Your Ad Creative and competitive to beat others

5. Try to run ads for atleast 5-7 days. That's it

6. Spend only 0.01-0.1$ on CPC. (This applies on only Indian Dropshipping/Ecommerce Concept)

Note: Don't go with those keywords on which Big Brands are ranking.


• At low cost, you can get targeted audience.
• With Google Ads, you can see the consistency of sales on your store.

• You can not scale with Google ads due to limited audience.
• You will be in the competition with others.

Facebook Ads Strategy:

1. Find out your product with these best product research method.

2. Now Spy on Facebook. Is anyone running ads for this product?

3. If yes! Then do not go with that product and if no one is promoting that product then you can.

But if you see a product ad on facebook and you believe that you can sell it with low price and high quality then try that.

4. Create CBO with Rs.1,000 and make 4-5 adsets.

5. Now! Within 24-48 hours you will start getting sales if that product works for you!

If not then stop promoting it; it's just waste of money.

6. Now! Start scaling with your winning product.


• You can easily scale with Facebook Ads by just increasing budget and audience
• Less/No Competition

• It may not give you consistent results.

Conclusion: Both the platforms have their own pros and cons. So, you should give both of them a try for a week which would be enough!

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