Hey! I'm Dev.

Note: I'm just sharing my experience. So, I'll not be responsible for your losses.

Well! Getting traffic but not getting sales is kinda scary fact for me because I spended almost 30$ for a single day Advertisement. And at the end of the day I lost my whole money...

But if you are reading this article before promoting your products then you are the one who is literally using the brain.👏👏

First of all before we get started!

What I did that cost me 30$ ?

Well! You may get sign of relief because I wasted my money on International Dropshipping using Instagram page who had almost 800K+ on his page.

And I got 48 visitors only and 3,696 likes and 8 comments.

Now, if I talk about the engagement that page usually had was soo good but I did something wrong that I will never do again...

My product was hair straightener😂 with the price of 59$ and others were selling that product with 29$.

Hope! Now you know the reason of my failure in Indian Dropshipping

From that day, I never even give a try International dropshipping again.

I'm just in the field of Indian Ecommerce because that brings me pretty good results...

How to Fix Traffic but No sales issue ?

• Your price must be customer friendly.
• Your payment gateway must be tested.
• Your Ad must be creative and appealing.
• You must offer something that customer can't refuse.
• You must sound legit and you should be...
• Target perfect audience or if you are in Indian Dropshipping/Indian Ecommerce then you are lucky because Facebook Ads are cheaper nowadays and you can easily scale your business but hardwork is necessary...

If you are totally new then comment below... I'll reply within 24 hour.