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Should I choose General Store, Niche Store or One Product Store in Indian Dropshipping/Ecommerce

I'll try to help you to figure out this confusion...

But What is general store?

These are those stores in which random products are listed. That's it

What is Niche Store?

These are those stores which are designed to target specified audience. For example: Dog items For Dog Lovers.

What is One Product Store ?

These are those stores on which only one product is listed which target super specified audience.


Benefits of General Store in Indian Dropshipping/Ecommerce are:

• You can easily test many products at the same time.
• Broader Audience increases the chances of getting more sales
• Not Required Too Much Research. But ofcourse you have to research because you can not offer any shit or out-dated product.
Disadvantage of General Store:
• Short-Term Plan
• It is difficult to sell high ticket product (Product with high price)
Because on the basis of trust you can sell such products.

Benefits of Niche Store:

• It is easy to sell high ticket products on the basis of trust
• It is best for long-term
• Have specific interest audience
• Easy to dominate the specific field in Indian Dropshipping/Ecommerce
Disadvantages of Niche Store:

• It is difficult to find out a niche that works for the whole year
Benefits of One Product Store
• In this store, you can sell high price product.👍
• Not require much time to list a single product
Disadvantages of One Product Store:

• You may have to test many products to get your winning product.

Conclusion: Whatever type of store you make. You have to keep testing products even if you have 10-20 winning products.

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